Cedar Mountain RVI is a Veteran Owned Small Business

We at Cedar Mountain are in love with the RV lifestyle. The open road, the sights along the way, the beautiful country we are free to roam … Is there anything better? Whether on a weekend getaway, or enjoying the adventure of long haul, our time on the road has taught us a thing or two. On any RV trip, the RV is home, and like any home, there is always room for improvement.

We specialize in RV Improvements – enhancements to the RV experience that make every day and mile feel more and more like home sweet home. Nothing should get in the way of time well spent on the road. Our products and solutions aim to ensure that.

INDUSTRY LEADERS. We partner with leaders in the RV industry to deliver products and solutions that have proven themselves and perform. Our Wi-Fi and Internet improvement options from WiFiRanger, Winegard, and others provide connections wherever you roam. Our AquaGo tankless water heaters from Truma are revolutionizing the RV experience, and our lifetime guarantee roofs from RV Armor provide you with endless peace of mind.  

QUALITY PRODUCTS. We’ve road tested our products and maintained communication with our customers long after offering them our Improvements so that we know what we offer is high quality and dependable. We are a solutions-based company, and the products we deliver are selected based on needs we’ve discovered from countless friends we’ve made on the road.

ADDING VALUE. Like a ‘stick and brick’ home, Improvements made to the RV are good investments. The enhanced experienced enjoyed while in the RV add to the priceless life memories and experiences made and discovered while traveling. Adding resale value doesn’t hurt either.

An RV trip or adventure is a life experience worth the investment. Our Improvements make it that much sweeter. We’re here to help. Let us know what we can do for you.

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