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Even with a filtration system on your RV, you never know what Campground water is going to do to your pipes. Truma AquaGo is the only hot water heater that provides for decalcification. At minimum, once a season, either start or finish, you should decalcify it to keep the AquaGo operating at its peak performance. Depending on how harsh the Campground water, it may be necessary to decalcify more often.

You can decalcify your AquaGo by simply putting the decalcification tablets in the filter accessory which will treat it and minimize the levels of calcium.

A $20 investment for decalcification tablets once per season, will be a wise investment, indeed, and will contribute to increasing the resale value of your RV.

Best Practice ...

A word about the increasing trend of RV manufacturers opting to install instant hot water heaters, like the AquaGo, in their RVs.

They have obviously listened to enough of their customers to know that "instant" hot water is a big demand. They decided, correctly, that AquaGo, the market leader, is the way to go.

Not all manufacturers, however, have opted for the AquaGo Comfort (also referred to as AquaGo Comfort Plus). Some, shortsightedly, have chosen the AquaGo Basic. The difference at retail is about $200.

The Comfort model has two modes of operation and uses a water recirculation feature which keeps the water warm; the Basic does not.

Another useful AquaGo option, which only a few RV manufacturers provide, is the Electric Antifreeze Kit. This is tremendously useful because when traveling, you can turn off the propane and still keep the water in the AquaGo at the appropriate temperature. When you're ready to use it, the water will be "instantly" hot.

At Cedar Mountain, we offer the upgrades from Basic to Comfort, as well as the Electric Antifreeze Kit for the Comfort model.

FINAL NOTE: There is a difference between the Comfort model and the Comfort Plus model. The Comfort Plus is available only to RV manufacturers. The Comfort is sold as an after market upgrade.

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