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We know we don’t want to damage the engine in the RV because that is the single most expensive item to replace should anything happen to it. We know that we need to seriously take care of it by ordering up fluid analysis 3 or 4 times a year so that we can establish reliable wellness data for it. We also know that there are at least 30 other things on the RV which need care both on the chassis and the coach. And it’s also true, that an RV is neither an automobile nor a truck. It’s a house on wheels and needs special care and attention. We all need help in doing this.

​Who wants to spend time every quarter trying to pull together receipts, records, mileage, and the myriad of data we must keep on our RV? Where will we have the time to enjoy the RV if we fussing about keeping records. We must keep records. But we must also enjoy our investment.

For the health and wellness of your RV, consider this:

Recognize that the most expensive maintenance item on your RV is your engine and that it’s oil is as important as blood is to us. Treat it with great care and provide it with regular “check ups” - I mean oil analyses. And take the burden off yourself by trying to maintain all those pesky receipts and records. Use a tool to keep track of them. Save time. Save money. Don’t waste your oil or your time. Use an online tool from MaintainMyRV. 

Contaminated Oil

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  • Build A Customized Maintenance Schedule 
  • Track Expenses 
  • Track Key Dates & Documents
  • Track Fuel Economy

Listen to Tom Johnson from JG Lubricant Services discuss Fluid Analysis 

Worth the 42 minutes of your time.

  1. Protect Your RVs
  2. Health & Wellness
  3. Keep Good Records

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