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It may be hard to believe, but the most common failure of the AquaGo hot water heater is human  error. It's true. Truma has made winterization so easy, that people often overlook this simplicity.

The two photos to the right show the AquaGo installed in an RV. The bright yellow lever, when opened, will drain out the small amount of water kept in the mixer. Open it and water flows out.

Failure to drain the water out prior to winterizing will cause the mixer to freeze, split, and leak like a sieve. Don't turn off the propane without draining the water out. This one-two punch will be the knock out for your AquaGo.

Please don't make this mistake.


If you do ...

Truma repairs are made at the depot in Elkhart Indiana by factory trained technicians.

For repairs, contact Cedar Mountain. We will come on site, remove the unit and ship it to Truma who will assess the damage and provide a cost estimate of repair.

Repairs of the most common kind take a few hours at the depot. The "downtime" is in the deinstall, round trip shipping, and reinstall.

In addition to Truma sales, Cedar Mountain also provides this repair service. Our service rate is $75 per hour. Total service time is typically 4 hours for the combined deinstall and reinstall.

If you want to avoid this ...

Most Common Failure of the AquaGo™ Hot Water Heater

The Truma electric antifreeze kit keeps the Truma AquaGo™ Comfort instant water heater frost-free to -4 °F (-20 °C) while you are driving or if there is no gas supply. 

The Truma electric antifreeze kit protects only the water in the Truma AquaGo Comfort instant water heater against freezing.

The Truma electric antifreeze kit will not protect the RV’s entire water system. Water lines, faucets, water tanks, the external water valves, and the vehicle must be heated separately.

See UPGRADES for details.