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Truma will credit each customer $300 USD for their used tank-less water heater when a new Truma AquaGo® Basic or Comfort is installed. Along with the invoice showing the new serial number, customers will need to send a picture of their old tank-less water heater with a hole drilled through the heat exchanger and the old tank-less serial number to service@trumacorp.com. The credit can be claimed until July 31st, 2019. 

Industry's Leading Tank-less Hot Water Heater

Spring 2019 ...

Good Through July 31, 2019

Replace Your Tank-less Hot Water Heater with AquaGo and Earn $300 Credit ...

All of these issues lead to frustrated customers and poor camping experiences and an overall bad reputation of on demand technology. At Truma, we understand that the time RVer’s spend camping is their most valuable of the year. We want RVers to focus on camping and not the struggles of heating water. 

Claim Your $300

The introduction of tank-less/on demand water heaters to the RV industry have come with advantages for RVer’s: 

  •  Less weight and space –bring more toys and supplies 
  •  Endless hot water – no more Navy showers 
  •  Instant hot water – everyone can have a hot shower right away at the campground 
  •  Efficiency – only heats the water you are going to use, little propane consumption 

Truma is offering a promotion to support customers looking for a better RV water experience by replacing their current tank-less water heater with a Truma AquaGo®. 

Unfortunately, the first generations of tank-less water heaters were fraught with issues

  •  Scalding - Temperature fluctuations 
  •  Water flow – required over 1gpm to start burner 
  •  Temperature rise – heating water in cold conditions was a challenge 

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