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​​​RV appliances and repair

RV internet and WiFi Solutions

Connect your remote job site

Constructions sites, oil rigs, charter fishing boats - if you work in remote areas, we can help you connect.

More Bandwidth for outdoors

Create Internet connections wherever you go. Connecting remotely outdoors is no longer a challenge.

Internet for yachts and boats

Stay connected on the water with a robust, portable Wi-Fi network that you can also use back on land.

on-the-go internet for rvs and buses

We can keep you connected anywhere, and deliver the bandwidth you need.

Internet for marinas 

Internet at the docks can be a challenge. We have the solutions to deliver connectivity wherever you need it.

​Remote and On-the-Go Internet made easy.

WifiUgo - Portable Internet Access Devices

Our partner provides the best in remote and on-the-go Internet access solutions. WifiUgo's portable Internet access devices can connect to existing free Wi-Fi when available, and create LTE connections for cellular back up. 

Cedar Mountain RVI can help you manage your Internet connections for remote and on-the-go applications. By partnering with companies like WifiUgo, we provide Internet and Wi-Fi solutions for RVs, boats, and yachts.

 We also specialize in creating Internet and Wi-Fi support for businesses that operate in remote and temporary locations.

Stay connected anywhere.

Connect field ops

Field teams need constant communication to manage efforts in the field. Our solutions provide connectivity for multiple users.