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Great-Escape on 09/03/2017
We have recently purchased the Wifiranger and would like to share with other just how easy it is to install and how great this product is. Ever since we purchased our new RV a year ago we have had a nightmare getting internet connectivity even on camp sites that advertise having free internet. Since installing the wifi ranger we get such a good signal strength now that we can even watch our smart tv via the internet, and that's a real first for us. 

Indoor router (CORE or GoAC)​

  • provides secure, private network for all wireless computers and devices
  • includes several LAN ports for wired computers and devices

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Roof Mount with Indoor Router

WiFiRanger Ships 40,000th Unit

Boyd Tiffin on 21/06/2017
If you are coming to this page, you are on the right track for your RV / Camper. We are full timers and also run a software company while on the road, we utilize the Ranger to take internet from our Verizon hotspot and then give the rest of the coach (inside and out) internet. All of our devices only have to connect to the Ranger and we do not have to constantly change the wifi connection on our devices (16 of them!). You will not go wrong with the Ranger.

Road Warrior on 08/03/2017
After using the SkyPro Pack for 2 months now, it has been a true blessing! Living in a RV can be a challenge when you work from home and rely on internet service and the WiFi Ranger has come through by proving us with a constant connection while at RV parks that have less than stellar connectivity. It's also saved us tons of money in gas and Starbucks latte's!

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  • A complete network solution with indoor accessibility and outdoor range
  • Flex-guardTM antenna brings in otherwise weak WiFi from Hotspots in the area to get your entire network online and can bend down to 5”-8" clearance without doing damage to the unit, protecting against trees and other overhangs

Indoor router (CORE or GoAC)​​​

  • allows for USB tethering a cellular 3G/4G Aircard or MiFi device
  • Port 5 provides Power Over Ethernet (POE)​

WiFiRanger, the Premier RV Network solution, shipped its 40,000th unit this week, after strong and significant demand from its large customer base. With 30% of all WiFiRangers sold going direct to the aftermarket customer base, and the 70% being installed directly by industry leading coach and towable manufacturers, it is becoming clear that the market expects the rich features and capabilities of the WiFiRanger network solution over all others. 10/5/17

Sky 3 Pack

Roof Mount with Indoor Router

Elite AC Pack

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Indoor Router

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